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When I returned home to support my widowed mother's fight with breast cancer in 2002, I reevaluated my life's journey and direction. Read more...

7 Views of Downtown St. Petersburg


Experience the seven views from walkabout photographer, Robert Neff as they offer unique views of St. Petersburg, Florida. The postcard set or prints make a wonderful gift for the home or office. Read more...

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Do You Look Back?

4 May 2011 by Robert Neff

A poem that that discusses suppression of past thoughts.

Do you look back?
Do you wander the past?
Do you find time to reflect?
Do you ever?

The moments await your memories…your caress
Do not hold at bay those who never forget 
For they may remind you of more than you wish to remember
It's not that they want your company
The memories have each other
They just want to be heard
Just a voice at the table
A conversation, a moment
They want to feel you still know them
That you have not forgotten
Thus, humoring them brings not anger
Just time for them to simmer
As they watch your ignorance of the path that brought you here
Until one day, you find that their simmer has reached a boil


Heliconia Closeup In Mahogany Bay, Raotan

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