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As Writers, We Sometimes Struggle

by Robert Neff - Draft, 26 Nov 2013

The poem is about how writers struggle to release thoughts and expose them to the world.

As writers, we sometimes struggle with whether or not we should pick up the pen
Sometimes we struggle with whether or not we should hold the pen
The choice to share is ours and ours alone
Doing so lifts a weight that we must carry

When our thoughts flow from within to fill the ink well, the weight if felt
Now we ponder what to say and how to say it
Once the words move to ink
We cannot rewrite time
Putting pen to paper opens a door to reveal us
We struggle, not with the passion to write but with a willingness to commit those thoughts to paper
Once the words are there, we must choose to either share with the world or to put the words on the shelf

We struggle because words expose us to the world
Words subject us to the interpretation of another's place in time
This is where, we as writers and poets, ponder the burden and the responsibility to put pen to paper
So when we lift this weight, our emotions are exposed

To share with others means we must release what we have protected
No longer can we cherish and hold our thoughts against our chests
To release a life unto the world is to let go
Watching those first steps is never easy

Once we send written words naked and exposed out into the world
No longer do we offer protection
We know the words can defend themselves when we are not there
The world waits at the door for the life we so graciously share
Written words go forward and explore without our protection
All we can do is trust our pen to give the words courage
So they can defend themselves without us

This is an excerpt from my next poetry book, Life Romance Death. After birth, what experiences shape us but Life Romance Death. Sometimes these are choices and sometimes they are circumstances outside our control. Sometimes we grow from the experience and learn.
When we falter or even stumble, the question becomes, can we recover? Whether we recover or not, this is certainly an unknown road. We do know these experiences can be shared, but also know, these experiences can be a path traveled alone. Life Romance Death is a path traveled through poetry and reflection.

Derelict boat on the beach at Sunshine Skyway Bridge

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