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Burning Candle

4 Oct 2013 by Robert Neff

Draft - A poem about learning how finite life is.

I was just holding my future in my hands
Now, I am wondering what did I miss?
Where did I lose my way?
Or what did I know, but could not accept?
How did I not see the moment trust defeated reason?

Was I so busy looking ahead that I didn't make time for time?
Now time has answered me with a wake up call
The untimely knock on the door could be heard by everyone except for me
I was one moment too late

A trusted friend placed a gift in my hand and left
My future once wrapped by my hands
Was the gift unwrapped by my actions

Time had just used my hands to set a burning candle
My future was no longer an unknown
My life was the lenght of the wick

My cupped hands sheltered the flame from the wind
My time is now used shielding the flame
Until my dreams and memories are no more
This is now my life to live until the wick is no more
I can see and feel how finite life is

Now I have a new battle to fight
If I lose focus, then I will become but a memory
before I reach the end of the wick


Soft Candle Color Series, 12x12 or 24x24

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