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When I returned home to support my widowed mother's fight with breast cancer in 2002, I reevaluated my life's journey and direction. Read more...

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Merchant Of Vignette Erotica

by Robert Neff. Draft Revised 2 April 2012

A poem discusses how a trained soul can find and exploit what you secretly desire.


The journey you have chosen is not the journey you are about to stumble upon
You have no idea what lies ahead
But if I were by your side
I would whisper your journey is about to begin
A journey unlike any you have taken
Unlike any path you have followed
For this is an inward path to release what you have held back
To find what you have not discovered
To release what has been hidden from you, by you
The treasure I will find is the treasure I will unfold before your eyes

But I am a merchant and nothing is free
There is always a price
Since I am the one who has what you need
I name the fee
But I will not be paid in currency
To offer such a thing is to insult my craft
So buyer beware if you insult me
You know not who I am
But this conversation is not happening because I am not by your side
However, if I was by your side on your journey
You would not know I was a merchant
Nor would you know in what merchandise I trade
Here I have no competition, except myself
I am that well practiced at what I do and that well respected for my ability
My many years of practice have left me rich beyond worldly terms

I am a thief who comes to open your safe and view the treasures you have hidden
I see what you hold behind those protected walls
Your multiple levels of physical and mental security are buried - locked rooms within locked rooms
I pick your locks till I find the room that holds the passion I seek
For I cherish what you have hidden and have forgotten
The treasure you so guard is the treasure I seek
The prize I will claim


You walk a path alone way past any hour
Having every chance and opportunity to return home
But your cravings have pried loose the foundation upon which you depend
Your feet press on
Driven now by a weakness to explore
Relentless, you walk the trade routes in search of the riches you desire
But this is unfamiliar territory to you; well-known territory to me
Your path has always been a stumble away from mine

Your journey has been long and frustrating
Your steps are heavy and unsure
The ground gives warning and perks my interest
Closer you come until you cross my unmarked borders
This is where I will pitch the sale
And very soon where I will close the deal

Welcome to my home
This is a sanctuary where I entertain those lost in the desert
A home visited by others before you and others to come
A hearty welcome I give you beneath my silent lips!

Now let me introduce myself, I am The Merchant of Vignette Erotica
Peddling in the affairs of the mind and body
Bartering with you until I get what I seek
Wearing you down
Numbing your senses
Speaking not to you but to your desires and passion
Lulling you into a euphoric state of tingling sensations that I have released
Intentionally avoiding reality
Ensuring you with my voice and words
Applying subtle pressure to keep you off-balance

I come to steal and give you the pleasures of the flesh you so crave
And if you are lucky, I will steal your heart and keep it for safe keeping
But will the price be something you are ready to pay
Don’t worry, I will make this desire worth your wait
Give me what I want freely or I will raise the price you pay
For this will be more than you can bear
Each moment the price rises
Till you are ready to explode
I have you here surrounded by my craft
I have worked you with great skill and clever
Trade with me or I will take without asking
Trade with me and let’s share in the pleasure of the barter
I am the Merchant of Vignette Erotica and I have what you need
Come, trade with me and satisfy our desire
Before another stumbles into my territory

Or I am off to pitch another dream


This is an excerpt from my next poetry book, Life Romance Death. After birth, what experiences shape us but Life Romance Death. Sometimes these are choices and sometimes they are circumstances outside our control. Sometimes we grow from the experience and learn.
When we falter or even stumble, the question becomes, can we recover? Whether we recover or not, this is certainly an unknown road. We do know these experiences can be shared, but also know, these experiences can be a path traveled alone. Life Romance Death is a path traveled through poetry and reflection.

Purple Flower, Unkown in Cayman Island

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