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When I returned home to support my widowed mother's fight with breast cancer in 2002, I reevaluated my life's journey and direction. Read more...

7 Views of Downtown St. Petersburg


Experience the seven views from walkabout photographer, Robert Neff as they offer unique views of St. Petersburg, Florida. The postcard set or prints make a wonderful gift for the home or office. Read more...

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Write In The Key Of Imagination

Draft 8 May 2011 by Robert Neff

The poem describes how one can find inspiraton to write.

Want to write?
...Just relax
The words will come
Don't search
Let them find you
All you have to do
Is feel the wind
Quiet now, hear the waves

They follow their own path
They will come to you when they are ready
...Just relax
They show no indifference to class, just need

Watch them
Did you see where they went?
Of course not
Now, close your eyes
Hear them
They are near
Trust in them
Their rhythms beat for you
You know the meter
You have been here before
Their circling begins
You have learned patience
You have no choice but to wait
For them to enter you

More patience, almost there, wait for them to finish
To become one harmonic with the other
This you will observe with your eyes open or closed
Because their power is independent of vision
Wait for them to resonate
Be you ready or not
It's their call, not yours
When they are ready
They will surround you, engulf you
This is a gift you cannot escape
Finding the thoughts to make into words
Thoughts for you to feel, to share
Now you are ready
To write in the key of imagination!

Flower Pod (Unkown)  in Cayman Island

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