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Contemporary Artist Robert Neff to Exhibit at Art Miami’s SPECTRUM Miami

November 30, 2015
Contact: Robert Neff
email | 727.835.9179

MIAMI, FL: After a four-year sabbatical to focus on writing and photography, Robert Neff is returning to do his first solo show at Art Miami’s SPECTRUM Miami International Art Show December 2-6, 2015. His exhibit will be in booth S825.

Neff transforms the beauty of nature and life’s colors, tones and shapes into mixed media art using his photography as inspiration. The result is dynamic, refreshing and visually stimulating art that actually changes how your vision interprets everyday experiences.

“My goal is to create art that constructs a new perspective and tells a story you can appreciate and share,” Neff explains. “Once you look at my art, you will never again take the world for granted or see it in the same manner.”

You can view four of Neff’s most recent pieces at SPECTRUM Miami: 1) ROYGBIV Geo Spheres and Designs; 2) Creating the Sunset on 19 March 2015; 3) Kiteboarder Abstract; and 4) Water Wrapping the Kiteboarder.

More about Neff and his work as a contemporary artist, photographer, writer, poet and storyteller can be found on his website:

Attending the show? Neff has complimentary VIP passes to share.

The passes offer access to all show days plus the Opening Night Party for SPECTRUM Miami!

Contact Neff at 727-835-9179 to get your passes today!


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Contemporary Artist Robert Neff to Exhibit at Art Miami’s SPECTRUM Miami

Spectrum Miami International Art Show 2015

Select art work will be available for purchase and books of studies will be available for viewing:

Books will be available for viewing:

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