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Driving Tourism By Highlighting A Major Brand With Social Media

by Robert Neff | 11 July 2013

When 7-Eleven promoted Free Slurpee Day on 7/11, I created brand awareness for both the Free Slurpee Day and St. Pete Beach, Florida by linking the two in a fun and cost-effective way. This win-win promoted travel and tourism by leveraging a brand and a destination.

What better way to share St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island and Madeira Beach by making a beach run on Gulf Boulevard to as many 7-Elevens my belly could hold! If I had more time, I would have continued all the way up to through Indian Rocks Beach, Sand Key and Clearwater Beach. Gulf Boulevard, which runs the full length of the Gulf beaches has no shortage of 7-Elevens!

How Did I Do This?

Prior to 11 July, I used my social media channels to publicize the event and my adventure. I created a hashtag, #711Day and added #StPete to my social media posts. The channels used were: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Vine, Pinterest and Tumblr. The profiles, @Slurpee and @7elevencares and hashtag #Slurpee were also engaged.

Go Time

Even though Free Slurpee Day didn't start until 11am, I started at 8am because the 7-Eleven clerks, at the story around the corner, know me. Then I had a few hours to occupy my time and headed to Mazarro's Italian Market for a Maple Nut Ring and cappuccino. While there I watched the bakers bake and since they know me, I had free samples. We shared stories of Free Slurpee Day while I tweeted cannolis, bakers baking and slurpee lore!


The level of engagement and conversation created a buzz. I posted images on Flickr and generated over 2,400 image views in less than one day. The interaction with the twitter profiles, 7elevencares, Visit St Pete Clearwater and social media enthusiast was just what the doctor ordered!

Side note

Some people have a Starbucks habit, well, I have a Slurpee habit. I am known for being a Slurpee Aficionado.

Yes, I provide a steady daily revenue stream for 7eleven. This is much cheaper than Starbucks! I use my refill cup to save 50 cents, which go towards a Powerball ticket!  


Tweets or Posts

The message plan told a story and shared my experience. I created content with images and posts. Sometime I just used text.

Afterwards, I created an album of my iPhone images, called Free Slurpee Day on Flickr and pinned a few images on Pinterest.

Here are a few samples of the messages.

  • Whew, St Pete Beach has no ordinances against Slurpees on the beach :)
  • Each store has their own display for cups!
  • Am being chastised for slurping on the phone while talking to @KathyWingard
  • Reused my straw and it was #green too ;)
  • Starts at 11am, but they know me...
  • Today I have @kathywingard's #Kia for this to collect my cups
  • 4 stores, 3repeats...pacing myself, enjoying our beaches :)
  • @7ElevenCares asked, How many stores have you visited so far? -BK
  • Long line for #Slurpee & stretches behind me!
  • I don't think people see 11-7p for #711Day: May want to change that next year, 24 hrs!!
#711Day: Whew, #StPete Beach has no Ordinances against #Slurpee on the beach :) @7elevencares
#711Day: sign does not say anything about NO #Slurpee on the beach
#711Day: Things to do at John's Pass for my #Slurpee and I at Madeira Beach FYI @7eleven

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