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When I returned home to support my widowed mother's fight with breast cancer in 2002, I reevaluated my life's journey and direction. Read more...

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Social Media for Events

by Robert Neff | 2012

What can a social media strategy do for your event and business?

Using social media to cover an event in real-time is a fast, efficient, low cost means to share event. I have a well-tested approach and plans that have supported local, nationanl and international events. I have been a part of social media command centers and have built these for events.

Value can be easily added by using a smart phone, laptop, ipad or any like device to distribute the event LIVE via mulitple social media channels. The key is to always share your experience with relevant content.


I recommend a plan that integrates your web site and both your online and offline marketing efforts.

This is similar to professional coverage that radio, TV and print provide.

You are reporting and covering the event with images and or video. Use your desktop, smart phone, tablet to iPad to post to your social media channels. This allows you to share the event in real time so people can participate from afar, or later when time allows. Sometimes people will see or hear about the post and engage!

A smart phone can be used to add immediate value by uploading images and video as the event unfolds.

A professional camera will provide high quality images and may be loaded remotely with WiFi or posted later.

Digital Asset Management allows images to be keyworded and processed at the house, pressroom, or any available location.

Using Social Media

I recommend using multiple social media channels before the event to create brand awareness and during the event. An integrated channel strategy is recommended. A message plan will highlight content requirements for the channels, as well as, the timing and frequency of posts.

What About Video?

Video can also be shot with your smart phone and immediately uploaded OR it can be taken with a professional video camera and uploaded later. There is a risk of putting the video up ASAP is that it may not be edited.

There is value in unrehearsed and live "impromptu" video - no retakes! However, this is an event decision on what to post and edit as this reflects the brand.

Video apps can also be leveraged such as Vine and Tout.

Metrics and Report?

Define what will be measured and which tools will be used. This is a separate discussion. I utilize a low-cost effective approach.

Data and analysis of social media and online channels dictates a macro-level approach. Do not get caught up in the minutia. Look for patterns and behaviors.

Just a note...

You are not limited to Twitter, but it does provide a quick means to easily target an audience. Google+ can also effectively leverage to target brands and an audience.

You can post the message and picture, then cross-post to Facebook and other channels, However, I do not recommend always using the same message. Mix up your messaging and approach across the channels. Find a voice that communicates the message to your audience.

I recommend using a hashtag so the event can be easily searched.

Bayfront Medical Center Helicopter was at #TBHeartWalk - Great pic!

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