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Shrimp Boats Moored Along the Mangroves

by Robert Neff

Fisherman earn a living by knowing where the fish are. These shrimp fisherman traveled over 80 miles south from Hernando County to fish the Gulf of Mexico from St Petersburg, Florida. The boats are moored in a protected creek and the fishermen live on the boat. Everyday they head out to the Gulf of Mexico.

Two days earlier on my walkabout along the Skyway Trail, I saw five shrimp boats moored along the mangroves that line Frenchman's Creek. The shrimp boats are well clear of the waterway. On this day, one shrimp boat was next to the Skyway Trail, which is both a bike and pedestrian path.

Shrimp Boats Moored Along Skyway Trail.
Shrimp Boat Moored Along Skyway Trail

The fishermen were returning from 7 Eleven and Publix with arms full of groceries. In the short conversation, I learned they head out to the Gulf of Mexico around 4 P.M. and return around 1 A.M.

Once they loaded the ice and bags of grocery onto the shrimp boat, I watched them raise the shrimp nets. Next they put the boat in reverse and pulled away from the Skyway Trail. They continued in reverse across the creek to the other side, where they moored the shrimp boat.

I was there around 3:30 P.M. and the boats were getting ready to head out to fish. I plan to go back during the early afternoon and photograph the boat's reflection in the water.

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Pelican flying past the moored shrimp boat. Frenchman's Creek.
Shrimp Boat moored,  French's Creek, St. Petersburg

Shrimp boat backing up across Frenchman's Creek, St. Petersburg.Shrimp boat backing up across French's Creek, St. Petersburg

Skyway Trail in South St. Petersburg, Florida

This section parallels both sides of the U.S. 19 (34th Street) ramp for Interstate 275 and goes under the bridge at Frenchman's Creek. Loggerhead Marina is on one side.

Loggerhead Marina.
Loggerhead Marina along Skyway Trail

Eckerd College's Wallace Boathouse, an Activities Center,
multiple docks and a boat ramp.
Shrimp boat moored along Skyway Trail, St. Petersburg, Florida

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