Fifth World Art by Robert Neff

Sunset's Back Lighting Over a Sailboat and Yacht Docked at Maximo Marina

On Monday, March 30, 2015, sunset's back lighting was captured over a sailboat and a yacht docked Maximo Marina.

Ten images show how the light changes as the sun drops below the horizon and pull darkness' blanket over the marina. The shadows and the light battle. Even though we know how this battle ends, the shifting colors and golden rays provide for a pleasant experience.

The first image was an hour before sunset and the last image was twenty-eight minutes after sunset. Sunset was at 19:47 PM.

Open the photo narrative to see the images – Click to enlarge any image.

Open the Photo Narrative Sunset's back lighting over sailboat and yacht docked at Maximo Marina, St. Petersburg, Florida. 7:28 PM

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