Fifth World Art by Robert Neff

About Fifth World Art

The basis for the experience is inanimate objects and organic life. Their palettes and tonal properties create soothing designs that open the eyes so the mind can breathe. This is a movement that translates passion and draws you into a visual transition full of objects and color.

Fifth World Art's photography is a visual experience that tells a story. The contemporary art experience provides a different approach and refreshing perspective that uses photography as the base-medium. The writing has produced stories, articles and poetry.

The concept of the fourth world and fifth world comes from the ancient Hopi and Mayan cultures. They believe this world will die and a new world will emerge, a rebirth. Fifth World Art leaves the traditional world behind and is reborn to explore a new approach to art.

Fifth World Art is also used to champion Social Media.

4 June 2011

Dali Museum's Avant Garden, Quad and Mahaffey Theater at Night.

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2.2 Million for 2014 | 1.5 million for 2015

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