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When I returned home to support my widowed mother's fight with breast cancer in 2002, I reevaluated my life's journey and direction. Read more...

7 Views of Downtown St. Petersburg


Experience the seven views from walkabout photographer, Robert Neff as they offer unique views of St. Petersburg, Florida. The postcard set or prints make a wonderful gift for the home or office. Read more...

Robert Neff's Artist Statement

My work encompases photography, contemporary art, writing and event social media. I am a poet, story teller and photo essayist. My passion is finding and sharing the back story! Many times I do this by using social media to cover events, travels and walkabouts.

"While cubism and abstract art were my early influences, I had always been drawn to geometrics and the palettes found in both nature’s organic life and inanimate objects."

Photography has appeared in AP, Mashable, Forbes, Fast Company, Buzzfeed, USA Travel, HuffPost, USA Rubgy, Creative Loafing Tampa Bay, The Atlantan, Visit Tampa Bay, Visit St Petersburg Clearwater, Sarasota Magazine, Yahoo, Patch, Allegiant Air, AFAR, Tampa Bay Times, American Infrastructure Magazine, Canadian National Post, UK Magazines, and French Travel Guide Routard. In addition has photographed the action at the Grand Prix racing, NASA, International Rugby, and world-class fishing tournaments.


My photography presents a fresh perspective that establishes an emotional connection. My goal is to have you pause, be drawn into the frame, and be moved by what I have presented.

My body of work is a visual experience that encompasses a broad subject matter and visual spectrum. Sometimes, the work is about revealing what people have missed.

My photography credits have appeared in major newspapers in the United States and Canada and in both national and international travel and media publications. The genre ranges from Grand Prix, NASA, political events, sport fishing, and travel and tourism. I especially enjoy revealing the event's back-story.

Robert distinguishes between photography and photographic art or creative photography. The latter is based upon what he sees within the composition. Photographic art is based upon a photograph and post processing techniques are used to enhance the color and produce the effect.

Natural Patterns. This a visual experience that reaches beyond the realm of traditional photography. The work uses natural light and encompasses a broad subject matter and visual spectrum. The work is about discovering what people miss in their daily travels. Then I use the lens to capture the image so your eyes and mind can feel this perspective.

Subject Matter. The Suncoast area of Florida is one of my favorite areas to explore with the camera. The area is rich with color and texture. Located along Florida’s west coast from Tarpon Springs to Naples, I mainly focus on St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach and local area, but am free to wander. This area is a photographer’s paradise.

In addition to the Suncoast, my choices range from people, animas, flora, sunsets, buildings, “scapes”. I also specialize in live events and lifestyle photo shoots. Again, I use natural light to capture the setting.


The work uses a style I developed, which I call Kaleidoscopography. This uses an image’s natural tones and hues to create an energy that is attractive to both the mind and spirit. The work reaffirms that color and imagery can capture your interest without being based upon computer-generated media. The work has produced several design collections as well as individual works.

Kaleidoscopography produces vibrant patterns that are rich with the original image’s color, hues and tonal properties. The work changes your visual experience when you adjust your distance and angle. The work has created stunning art collections, as well as textiles and patterns. The Zurich Collection is a comprehensive study in design. There are three main areas: Palm Seed Pod, Zurich Collection and Transformations. All have been very well received.

Palm Seed Pod Collection uses the palm tree’s seed pod to explore art and design. This has produced four volumes. Each provides a different perspective on the original design. I enjoy watching people become drawn into the work and describe what they see.

Zurich Collection is about elegance, power and energy that push the design envelope and color palette. The work started as a technical study but quickly expanded into a vibrant and powerful art and design. The color and elements encourage reflection, peace, passion, prosperity and inspiration. This contains three volumes where each is distinct, while being based upon the elements of one image.

Transformations are designs that can standalone as a work of art but can also be used for fashion designs. Creating these is about what I am able to discover, then nurture.

Several of the designs in the collections are well-suited for textiles, fabrics, rugs, sheets and wallpaper.

Writer and Poet

Robert’s writing offers commentary, storytelling, essay and poetry. His roots and experiences are a source of inspiration. The subject matter varies from everyday life to romance to death and dying and family. He also has a social conscious, which is reflected, in his writing. He often uses the pen to narrate his photo essays. He has been a guest blogger to political, sports and art blogs. His writing has been described as having the ability to make a connection with the reader. He published his first poetry book, Reconnecting with Life ,Fall 2013. He will follow up with a photography book and several more books and stories are in the works.

2 May 2012

Circle Perspective Series, Red


A published writer and I have contributed to newspapers, articles and blogs for travel, sports and business.

7 Views of Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida 7 Views of Downtown St. Petersburg


I have organized highly visible social media events, such as the Dali Museum's First Social Media Event, and the World's Richest Tarpon Festival at Boca Grande, Florida, I have also supported several events for the non-profit, such as the Komen #the3day and Tampa Bay Heart.

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