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BIO: Robert Neff

Robert Neff, born in Ohio, is a photographer, contemporary artist, writer, and social advocate, who resides in St. Petersburg, Florida.His approach and style create an energy that engages the senses.


Robert is an award-winning professional photographer. He uses photography as a narrative to share his experiences and to tell the story. The work captures the unprepared moment and action. His work inserts you into the narrative and offers an emotional connection.

Robert has been published in national and international newspapers and magazines, and travel magazines. He is also a writer with a published book and articles in newspapers and journals. He has investigated and reported on transparency in government, communities, and business and social issues.

Robert specializes in weather, international events, sports (International rugby, soccer and Grand Prix), NASA launches and behind the scenes at Kennedy Space Center, lifestyle, boats and sailing, nature, wildlife, and travel and tourism. Living in St. Petersburg, Robert has nature preserves, wildlife, pristine beaches and water activities and sports minutes from his home. He has been documenting the Tampa Bay weather for the past four years. He also has a front seat for the Tampa Bay tourism vibe where his work is viewed and distributed nationally and internationally.

Contemporary Artist — Mixed Media and Abstract

As a young art student, Robert Neff, doodled geometrics and abstracts. This fascination was a precursor to his technical studies, while the art and writing were put on hold. Meanwhile, Robert honed his skill with the camera and returned to the art world later in life. His return was not by picking up the pencil, but through mixed media.

Robert’s dynamic and vibrant mixed media artwork engages the senses. His photography is the inspiration for his two styles, abstract and geometric mixed media. His complex geometric designs redefine photography’s boundaries.

Robert extracts the photograph’s DNA to create geometric designs. The DNA building block’s colors, tones, and shapes are used to develop the foundation for the design. Robert’s geometric designs have drawn comparisons to the Op Art movement.

When the geometric design is viewed from afar, patterns, texture, and colors offer a unique work. Approach the work, and the underlying design emerges. Stand directly in front to see the design’s detail that was visible from afar.

Robert’s work is based upon a creative need to explore and reshape perception. His travel and tourism, nature, event, and wildlife photography enhances the connection to the artwork. His passion to tell a story with photo essays has translated into mixed media.

Robert is an accomplished writer, poet and award-winning photographer. The three mediums complement each other, and each stands on their own. His photography and storytelling are the inspiration and basis for his contemporary art.


Robert’s writing offers commentary, storytelling, essay and poetry. His roots and experiences are a source of inspiration. The subject matter varies from everyday life to romance to death and dying and family. He also has a social conscious, which is reflected, in his writing. He often uses the pen to narrate his photo essays. He has been a guest blogger to political, sports and art blogs. His writing has been described as having the ability to make a connection with the reader.

His latest book is titled, Interview with the Pelican. This combines Robert’s photography and storytelling. The Pelican Beakon, the pelican newspaper, interviews Lois, the White Pelican, on how she created #PelicanYoga and founded its world headquarters at the Seafood Shack. But trouble looms for Lois when she is forced to battle Chicago Investors who want to close the old Florida seafood shack.

He published his first poetry book, Reconnecting with Life Fall 2013.

Social Media...

Robert supports Tampa Bay and Florida Social Media events. He has organized social media, photography pool, video and digital asset management. He also worked with the Dali Museum to plan their first 'Social Media Night - Get Surreal which attracted over 350 attendees. He is also returning to assist the Boca Grande Chamber of Commerce to produce the World's Richest Tarpon Festival. He continues to be an advocate for the arts and non profits through his social media presence. Twitter: @5wa


Robert is an Ohio native who was influenced by his family's Appalachian roots, travels and where he has lived - North Carolina, Washington DC, Dallas, Silicon Valley and Laguna Beach. Since 2007, he has resided in St Petersburg, Florida. He has been responsible for building several successful ecommerce businesses at the U.S. Mint and Fortune 100 companies as well as smaller businesses. Robert is a former rugby player and coach who now photographs the game.


Robert Neff's undergraduate degree is in Professional Aeronautics, cum laude from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He earned an MBA from Campbell University. While living in Washington D.C., he had studied contract management at the University of Virginia. Robert is a Gulf War Veteran.

16 Aug 2016

Robert Neff on break at the Worlds Richest Tarpon Tournament

2015: 1.5 million+ combined views

Photography has appeared in AP, Mashable, Forbes, Fast Company, Buzzfeed, USA Travel, HuffPost, USA Rubgy, Creative Loafing Tampa Bay, The Atlantan, Visit Tampa Bay, Visit St Petersburg Clearwater, Sarasota Magazine, Yahoo, Patch, Allegiant Air, AFAR, Tampa Bay Times, American Infrastructure Magazine, Canadian National Post, UK Magazines, and French Travel Guide Routard. In addition has photographed the action at the Grand Prix racing, NASA, International Rugby, and world-class fishing tournaments.

Robert recently completed 46 commissioned abstract and photographic artwork for a major corporate office in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. The work selected by one of Florida's top interior design firms, StudioM and Vista Galleries.

Combined Online Views

2.2 Million for 2014 | 1.5 million for 2015

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