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Personal Observations

by Robert Neff

Intro for Chapter 2 from Reconnecting with Life

There is a noticeable lack of understanding in regard to the scope of the challenges other people face. People in general have become numb to the plight of others who are less fortunate or struggling to survive. Our culture seems to be surrounded by complacency and hate. My words reflect the struggles I see through personal observations.

Review by Published Poet, Cindy Rickey

Finished reading your book last night and enjoyed it very much. There was a great sense of honesty and openness. I especially liked the last chapter, Compassion and Empathy. It is where you really shine. Good job, Rob!

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Table of Contents for Chapter 2 - Personal Observations

Chapter 2 — Personal Observations Reconnecting With Life by Robert Neff.
1)  I Become The Storyteller
2)  To Your Advantage
3)  Taste The Fallen Lives
4)  Skeletons In The Closet
5)  Two People See Two Different Reasons
6)  Our Separate Pasts And Separate Lives
7)  Who Wants More
8)  Too Late To Change The Past
9)  Disappearing In Life's Rearview Mirror
10) Immeasurable Distance Between Us
11)  They See Only Your Facade
12) Your Refined Tastes
13)  Compromises We Make
14)  Caution In The Wind
15)  Share Without Contempt
16)  Sheets Of Rain
17)  A Bell Ringer Am I
18)  Passing The Ring
19)  Through Your Eyes, I See
20)  So Where Are We Now?

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Preface: How the Concept Came to "Life"

Chapter 1 – Private Reflections

Chapter 3 – Social Commentary

Chapter 4 – Romantic Interludes

Chapter 5 – Compassion and Empathy

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