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Romantic Interludes

by Robert Neff

Intro for Chapter 4 from Reconnecting with Life

Thoughts of romance are a healthy way to occupy time and space. These interludes may have been real at one time, or they may be scenarios I conjured or even planned. Sometimes they were the result of idle conversation I had or overheard. Sometimes my imagination steered the thought. When these moments strike, I relax and let my subconscious weave the story into a romantic interlude.

Review by Published Poet, Cindy Rickey

Finished reading your book last night and enjoyed it very much. There was a great sense of honesty and openness. I especially liked the last chapter, Compassion and Empathy. It is where you really shine. Good job, Rob!

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Table of Contents for Chapter 4 - Romantic Interludes

Chapter 4 - Romantic Interlude

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Preface: How the Concept Came to "Life"

Chapter 1 – Private Reflections

Chapter 2 – Personal Observations

Chapter 3 – Social Commentary

Chapter 5 – Compassion and Empathy


1)  The Poets Of The Romantic Era
2)  Skirting The Waves
3)  Weave With Me
4)  No Green Room
5)  Move As One
6)  The Heat Of My Words
7)  Primal Needs Beckon
8)  Hold Your Tongue
9)  I Know Your Desires
10)  Exhausted You Willingly Fall
11)  While There Is Love Left To Tune
12)  We Stand Here In Front Of Passion's Flame
13)  The Only World Worth Knowing
14)  Forever My Heart Hears Your Whisper
15)  Lead With Your Heart
16)  Temptation Of The Harp

Reconnecting With Life by Robert Neff.

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