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Social Commentary

by Robert Neff

Intro for Chapter 3 from Reconnecting with Life

Lives and viewpoints are wielded with reckless abandon, mostly without understanding. Prejudice is just a mask. People and cultures have become pawns to serve another's hate. Decisions made by those in power span borders and are not limited to one race, color or creed. These decisions have implications that dictate whether we live or die. These errors are repeated with indifference to their impact on people and this world. My views are a social commentary on both past and present decisions made by other human beings.

Review by Published Poet, Cindy Rickey

Finished reading your book last night and enjoyed it very much. There was a great sense of honesty and openness. I especially liked the last chapter, Compassion and Empathy. It is where you really shine. Good job, Rob!

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Table of Contents for Chapter 3 - Social Commentary

Chapter 3 - Social Commentary

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Preface: How the Concept Came to "Life"

Chapter 1 – Private Reflections

Chapter 2 – Personal Observations

Chapter 4 – Romantic Interludes

Chapter 5 – Compassion and Empathy

1)  Tradition Only Dictates
2)  Dreams And Desires
3)  Experience Of The Eyes
4)  With Each Generation We Lose Humanity
5)  Cry Your Tears For Humanity
6)  Leaving A Legacy
7)  Humility A Soldier Must Face
8)  Their Comfort Zone
9)  Rhetoric's Taste
10)  Responsibility For Their Actions
11)  Generations Today Are Numb
12)  Even When We Lose
13)  Our Perfect Tv Society
14)  Entities Have Played To Our Triggers
15)  Global Fear And Panic
16)  Lost In The Power
17) On-Message
18)  Rome's Last Years
19)  Our Moral Demise
20)  False Character


Reconnecting With Life by Robert Neff.

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