Fifth World Art by Robert Neff

Contemporary Art by Robert Neff

The contemporary abstract artwork is innovate and captivates and intrigues the mind. Robert Neff's photography and storytelling are the inspiration and basis for his contemporary art. During his solo show at Art Miami’s Spectrum Miami, art lovers were drawn into his fine art work. His style drew comparisons to Vasarely and the Op Art movement. One collector from Uruguay compared his style to "Constructivism" and the great Uruguay artist, Garcia.

This style has produced several contemporary art collections, design studies and individual works. Four are featured here:

Palm Seed Pod | Zurich Collection | Transformations | Abstract Art Series

Palm Seed Pod Collection, Sliver and Aqua Circle


Contemporary interior designers, contemporary art galleries and individuals may learn more by contacting Robert Neff at:


  • Each design is limited edition.
  • Print on Acrylic.
  • Large Format. Requests for smaller prints will be condsidered.

About The Contemporary Art Style

The style was developed by Robert Neff and is called Kaleidoscopography. This uses the image's natural tones and hues to create an energy that is attractive to both the mind and spirit. The work draws you into the art. As you move, your perspective changes and so does your experience.

Learn more about Robert Neff's "Innovation in Contemporary Art."

This artwork is well suited for decor, fashion and linen.

New Contemporary Art

New contemporary art from Robert Neff dynamic and vibrant, and engages the senses. Presentation is "Made with Slate."

Contemporary Art Based On Cruise Photography

Cozumel Cruise onboard Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas provided a perfect venue to create new contemporary art, The work is dynamic and vibrant, and engages the senses. Presentation is "Made with Slate."

Abstract Art Series

The series does not use Kaleidoscopography. Rather, the abstract art series explores photograpic abstract art.

Heron Launching Abstract Art Series

View more of the Heron Launching Abstract Art Series

Heron Launching Series: No. 6-2

Anhinga Abstract Designs

The anhinga is a shorebird and is the basis for Anhinga Abstract Design, which is based upon my photography.

Anhinga, brown abstract

USA Flag Abstract Design Series

View more of the USA Flag Abstract Design Series

Contemporary Art: USA Flags Series

Combined Online Views

2.2 Million for 2014 | 1.5 million for 2015

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