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Carnival Pride Going Under Sunshine Skyway Bridge

by Robert Neff

On 15 Mar 2015, I watched Carnival Pride go under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge from the North Fishing Pier, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Open the photo narrative to see the cruise ship approach and go under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, then enter the shipping lane. Watch the time lapse video.

This event was special for two reasons. First. this was Carnival Pride's last voyage from the Port of Tampa. She was being permanently repositioned to Baltimore. Second, this was the first time I have seen the Sunshine Skyway Bridge's navigation lights illuminated.

Photo Narrative Carnival Pride's smoke stack ready to under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Watch the Time Lapse Video

Cruise Ship Photo Narrative and Video


Cruise ships – Port of Tampa, Florida

Cruise Ships in Port

Cruise ships going under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

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