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Three Cruise Ships Go Under Sunshine Skyway Bridge

by Robert Neff

On Sunday, 15 March 2015, I watched three cruise ships go under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge — Norwegian Sun, Holland America Ryndam, and the Carnival Pride.

Cruise enthusiasts gathered on the North Fishing Pier to watch. One couple had the live cam to watch the ships leave the Port of Tampa. One couple had friends on the last cruise ship. A third was a cruise groupie. Another was a former cruise employee.

One couple that had friends on the Carnival Pride was blinking a flash light while talking to them on the cell phone. Yes, they saw the blinking light!

This event was special for two reasons. First, this was Carnival Pride's last voyage from the Port of Tampa. She was being permanently repositioned to Baltimore. Second, this was the Holland America Daryn's last year in the Port of Tampa. According to Carnival Corp. "It will transfer two of Holland America Line's ships, the Ryndam and Statendam, to its P&O Australia subsidiary to capitalize on growth prospects in that country."

Just before dusk fom North Skyway Pier and about to go under Sunshine Skyway Bridge

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Cruise ships – Port of Tampa, Florida

Cruise Ships in Port

Cruise ships going under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Click on the picture to experience the cruise with natural light through a photographer's lens!

Norwegian Sun going under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge — March 15, 2015

Holland America Ryndam going under Sunshine Skyway Bridge — March 15, 2015

Carnival Pride going under Sunshine Skyway Bridge at Night — March 15, 2015

Watching sunset over Fort DeSoto from Sunshine Skyway Bridge's North Fishing Pier — March 15, 2015

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