Fifth World Art by Robert Neff

Pelican Yoga

by Robert Neff

Critiques are saying, "Clever, well done series. Robert Livingston Seagull Pelican meets the 21st century in the person of #pelicanyoga."

Learn why Pelican Yoga is the next hottest Yoga craze!

The concept and hashtag for #PelicanYoga was developed by Robert Neff to celebrate the pelican's character. Robert is the storyteller who combines photography and wit to celebrate yoga from a pelican's perspective.


St. Petersburg's Maximo Seafood Shack was selected as new World Headquarters for Pelican Yoga


#‎PelicanYoga‬'s new World Headquarters at Maximo Seafood Shack ‪#‎StPete‬ just announced open auditions for "Pelican On The Roof". This tells the story of love, match matching and breaking with traditions. Future productions will include West Coast Story and Dive Hard.

Book Announcement - Interview with the Pelican is searching for a Publisher

#PelicanYoga's Book Announcement for "Interview with the Pelican"

The story line's main locations are St. Petersburg and St. Pete Beach, Florida and the Tampa Bay area. However, Pelicans are spreading the word. Be sure to follow Robert's travels for yoga updates. Pelicans are inviting him to cover classes. Rumor is other bird species are interested! There may even be a chldren's story to teach kids about pelicans and yoga.

You can follow the storyline on Twitter below or with the Hashtag, #PelicanYoga. Like Pelican Yoga on Facebook.


#‎PelicanYoga‬ knows which rehab centers and nursing homes are Tampa Bay's best! That's why they recommend Clearwater Marina Aquarium. It's a top hospital too! Have two friends, white pelicans named Ricky and Lucy, who know Winter the Dolphin. They get the inside scope on Winter and new friend Hope. Plus, they have made friends with otters and sea turtles. Watch as they sneak in care packages! Rumor is they will start a yoga class to help with rehab.

Collection of Pelican Yoga Stories


#PelicanYoga's "Storm Yoga" is therapeutic featuring soothing rain sounds

#PelicanYoga combines yoga, fish cleaning and music at Maximo Seafood Shack #StPete

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