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Anatomy of a Summer Storm: 16 Sep 2013

by Robert Neff | 2 March 2014

From the end of the North Skyway Pier, I watched a powerful summer storm form and travel from the southeast across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and into the Gulf of Mexico. The thunderstorm's clouds changed shape as they gained strength and darkened. Soon the storm had swelled. I watched the edge  of the storm creep toward the pier. When the fast moving and wind-blown rain droplets finally reached the end of the pier, the fishermen and I scampered for shelter. From my car, I watched the storm track northwest and turn north. The storm stayed just offshore as it traveled up Florida's "West Coast," but that photo essay is for another story.

I documented the storm's travels and plan to create a photo essay and series of the thirty-five images. The time lapse documents the storms path and intensity. A gallery show and prints are under consideration. Stay tuned for details.

The North Skyway Pier is part of the State Skyway Fishing Pier.

Thundercloud over Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Time lapse No. 1

13:57:16 hrs

Thundercloud over Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Time lapse No. 2

13:57:57 hrs.

Thundercloud over Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Time lapse No. 3

13:58:36 hrs.

Watching dark storm move across Sunshine Skyway Bridge - 2:06:06 hrs.

14:06:06 hrs.


The thunderstorm was changing shapes and gaining strength.

Dark storm has crossed Sunshine Skyway Bridge  and heading into Gulf Of Mexico.

14:11:14 hrs.


Twenty-four minutes later

The fishermen and I watched the rain curtain approach. Seconds before it reached the camera lens, I took this shot and caught the angle of the rain. Those dots are the rain drops.

The white spec on the horizon is a freighter trying to outrun the storm.

Dark storm stalled next to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Freighter racing the storm - 2:35/54 hrs

14:35:54 hrs


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