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Bonaire Photography by Robert Neff

On Nov 2, 2016, Robert Neff visited Bonaire as part of a 10-Day Dutch Antilles tour onboard the Celebrity Inifinty with a stop in Key West. He spent eight hours touring the island and photographing his experience. The morning started with a Flamingo Salt tour that covered on the southern part of the island. When the tour ended, he hired a taxi and explored the island for three hours. As Robert descibes cruise photography, it is travel photography on a tourism timeline. You compose the image and use the light "as is". There is no reshoot. You take what nature and life give you and work with it.

Bonaire from the Cruise Terminal at Kralendijk Bonaire Salt Pans Flamingos of Bonaire Exploring Bonaire in the Caribbean's Dutch Antilles
Driving Around Bonaire

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Robert is known for his perspective, eye and revealing the backstory. His work has been published by both national and international magazines and newspapers. An award winning photographer, he has exhibited in both solo and multi-artist gallery shows. Robert covers lifestyle, travel, food, sports, events, and nature. Sometimes Robert adds words to share the story. Spark is a professional presentation from Adobe. View more photography.


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