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7 Views of Downtown St. Petersburg


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Rainbows and Setting Sun

by Robert Neff

(Click image to enlarge)

No. 1 - Saw Palm Vol 8 Submission, 8x10 No. 2 - Saw Palm Vol 8 Submission, 8x10 No. 3 - Saw Palm Vol 8 Submission, 4x6 No. 4 - Saw Palm Vol 8 Submission, 8x10 No. 5 - Saw Palm Vol 8 Submission, 8x10

No. 1, Double Rainbow
(View - East)

Aspect Ratio: 4x5

No. 2, Sunset's Back-lighting on Maximo Marina
(View - East)

No. 3, Sunset's Back-lighting on the Storms rolling up Tampa Bay
(View - East)

No. 4, Back-lighting on Maximo Marina
(View - North)

No. 5, One Hour to Sunset
(View - West)

The Photographer's Ephemeris 20 Aug 2013

Rainbows and Setting Sun is a Fine Art Photography Series

On 20 Aug 2013, Robert Neff chronicled one of Florida's summer storms from Maximo Marina in St Petersburg, Florida. The location provided an 180 degree view. This series started with a double rainbow at approximately 5:42 PM and ended almost one hour before sunset at 7:11 PM.

The series has five fine art photographs. However, Robert chronicled the storms from morning to sunset at various locations along the gulf coast. That night there was a full moon. Unfortunately, it was hidden behind the clouds.

Prints are signed and limited edition. If you would like to order the series, contact FifthWorldArt via email

Nos: 1,2,4,5 - 8x10, 16x20, 24x30

No: 3 - 8x12, 12x16, 24x36

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