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ebook: Reconnecting with Life

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When I returned home to support my widowed mother's fight with breast cancer in 2002, I reevaluated my life's journey and direction. Read more...

7 Views of Downtown St. Petersburg


Experience the seven views from walkabout photographer, Robert Neff as they offer unique views of St. Petersburg, Florida. The postcard set or prints make a wonderful gift for the home or office. Read more...

public art > 46 commissioned photography and contemporary artworks

St. Petersburg Icons

The artwork reflects local icons from the St. Petersburg, Florida area.

The artist, Robert Neff, combines photography and abstract design to leverage the corporate brand.

Interior Design: StudioM, Tampa Florida
Gallery Coordination/Install: Vista Gallery, Clearwater Florida

Forty-six Photography and Contemporary Artworks were commissioned for a building in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Robert Neff collaborated with an Interior Design Firm and Gallery to define space and design objectives.

The contemporary wall art decor includes artist proofs, contemporary art prints and original contemporary art for sale. The art work is large format contemporary artt, abstract art and photography.

Browse through artist Robert Neff's commissioned photography and abstract artwork that celebrates the City of St Petersburg and Tampa Bay, Florida.

Sunset over St. Petesburg from the Pier

Sunset over Downtown St. Petersburg from the Pier

Wall Size: 48x24

Print 42x18


Sand Glow Sculpture

3D Designs

> St. Pete Icons

National Icons

Health Care Theme

Core Theme

Watch my artwork being prepared...

Celebrating Civic Pride Along St. Petersburg's
Bayshore Dr NE

Wall Size: 30x24

Print 24x18

Celebrating Civic Pride Along St. Petersburg's Bayshore Dr NE.

Lone Palm Tree Against the Dali Museum's Glass Enigma

Wall Size: 24x30

Print 18x24

Lone Palm Tree Against the Daii Museum's Glass Enigma.

St. Petersburg Pier in Abstract

Wall Size: 24x48

Print 18x42

St Petersburg Pier in Abstract.

Abstract: Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Green

Wall Size: 48x24

Print 42x18

Abstract: Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Green.

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