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Impressive Results Using Social Media

...30.6 Million Potential Brand Impressions?

by Robert Neff | 23 Nov 2001

Bullet. Tampa Bay's Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure started on Friday, 29 October and ended Sunday, 31 October at South Straub Park in St Petersburg, Florida. The fundraiser for breast cancer raised almost $2 million.

On Sunday, I posted my photographs to Flickr and generated interest via Twitter. This generated upwards of 1,607* views. On Monday, 1 November, there were 2,436* views. Two day potential reach is 30.6 million potential impressions which provides 9.2 million actual impression - Is this a stretch...maybe, but an interesting angle to perk your ears**. This proves that social media is a means to increase awareness.

Consider this:

  • Sunday's 12.1 million brand impressions: 1,601 views x 7600 followers on Twitter. This is potential reach.
  • Monday's 18.5 million brand impressions: 2,436 views x 7600 followers on Twitter. This is potential reach.
  • Using a 30% rule of thumb to calculate actual reach on 30.6 million potential impressions yields 9.2 million actual impressions for both Sunday and Monday.
  • Data proves that social media can connect with relative content!

What was not included in the analysis?

  • The tweets, retweets and pictures I shared via my smart phone using the designated hashtag, #the3day.
  • Posts to Facebook, Google+ and Social Media Bookmarks

This proves...

  • Social media can deliver impressions!
  • How strong the organization is as a brand!
  • The reach of influencers!

Events can expand their reach, brand impressions, lead generation and ability to the customer enter the sales funnel. Here is how:

  • Have a social media blueprint!
  • Use social media as part of an integrated marketing plan to drive ticket sales, membership, donations, online sales, team registration and brand awareness!
  • Use video across channels to support the effort!
  • Have a coordinated effort with the event social media team and influencers.
  • Includes a pre-event, event and post-event strategy.
  • Utilize metrics to measure criteria.

This is a repeatable process! The next week, the same approach was used for the Tampa Bay Heart Walk on Saturday, 5 November. On Sunday, there were 1,160 views on Flickr and on Monday, there were 797 views. Yield is 14.8 million potential brand impressions with a actual reach of 4.4 million actual brand impressions!



Bullet. Social media is a proven business model, however, there are three major events in December that do not have a social media blueprint.

Bullet. Here are examples where I have successfully implemented a social media strategy to support the business objective: Dali Museum First Social Media Event, and Surfers For Autism. Here are other events I covered using my photography, smart phone, social media and Flickr:

* There were a minor number of views for categories other than the event. This was not extracted from the total.

** Data Analysis on Twitter is subjective as there are no tools to really measure how many people viewed the tweets. What is measurable is the number of tweets sent using the hashtag and the number of times the hashtag was retweeted on Twitter. The number of my followers are known. We do know the potential reach based upon the hashtag and my followers. In these instances. I did not measure the retweets. However, the number of Flickr views is accurate. So how many tweets and impressions did it take to acquire the Flickr views? How else were the tweets and Flickr images shared? The assumption I made to calculate potential impressions is based upon actual Flickr views and potential reach of my followers. This is a stretch, but nonetheless, an interesting "What if?"

What does this say? Data views across all social media channels are not readily available to the general consumer. This is "Dirty Data." Yet, the number of Flickr views should open marketers eyes to investing in social media, because the true question to ask is "How many impressions did it take to obtain this number and how much effort???...and of the latter, not much!

Daily Aggregate Views

Source: Flickr Stats for 5wa


1. Sunday, 31 October: 1,607 views
Last day of 3-Day for the Cure Daily Aggregate Views for 31 Oct 2011


2. Monday, 1 November: 2,436 views
Day after 3-Day for the Cure

Daily Aggregate Views for 1 Nov 2011


3. Sunday, 6 November: 1,607 views
Day after Tampa Bay Heart Walk

Daily Aggregate Views for 16 Nov 2011


4. Monday, 7 November: 797 views
Two days after Tampa Bay Heart Walk

Daily Aggregate Views for 7 Nov 2011


Bullet. One of the most viewed photographs!

Don - a volunteer!
Don passed Mar 2012 from cancer. I am very lucky I was able to meet him. Wonderful man who needed a cure when I met him.


Bullet. Annette was how I knew about the 3 day! I was there in memory of my mother, a two-time breast cancer survivor. Next year, there will be a social media team walking, tweeting and sharing the 60 miles!

Annete, Pixi Supporter for the 3 day walk for the cure - breast cancer.

Combined Online Views

2.2 Million for 2014 | 1.5 million for 2015

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