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ebook - Reconnecting With Life by Robert Neff

ebook: Reconnecting with Life

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When I returned home to support my widowed mother's fight with breast cancer in 2002, I reevaluated my life's journey and direction. Read more...

7 Views of Downtown St. Petersburg


Experience the seven views from walkabout photographer, Robert Neff as they offer unique views of St. Petersburg, Florida. The postcard set or prints make a wonderful gift for the home or office. Read more...


Name withheld.
Yellow Flower: Color, contrast, composition... it's all breathtaking. Love it!
Joe Stewart, Web Designer. Illustrator.
Re: Your contemporary art - there's a very Andy Warhol quality to these images, which in my book is a complement.
Bryn Warner, CFRE. Senior Director, Resource Development
     Suncoast Hospice Foundation
I just wanted to say thank you again for all you did with the regatta. The pics were amazing and the social media traffic was even better!!!
Name Withheld
Beautiful photograph, it makes you feel like you're on the water. I've been looking over the files you've been sending. Your work is pretty amazing, overall I'd say it's museum quality. I love the way your presenting it in those pdf's you're sending. The Zurich Collections are beautiful and I was really attracted to the Popping Palm Seeds Series. I particularly like the Palm Seed Pod's Base Design.
Name Withheld
Not sure if I ever asked you that question but you have a great sense of color and composition.
Joe Stewart
All in all, your photography and contemporary art would make a striking limited edition coffee table hardcover. They're the kind of images you see something new every time you view them. That's what I love about them.
Cindy Rickey
You have a gift, talent used as you do... Sharing ~ enriching folks lives, what a blessing you are!!! We are humbled that you honor us by sharing your work Rob, thank you!!!
Diane - @usura
I've looked at many of your photos just now. Gorgeous your photography is art through the camera lens. Thank you-Barcelona pics too!
Name Withheld
You have a gift, talent used as you do... Sharing ~ enriching folks lives, what a blessing you are!!! We are humbled that you honor us by sharing your work Rob, thank you!!!
Kathy - @kathywingard
The other aspect of your online work that I admire so much is that you use well-thought out methodology to posting so much of your work and your thoughts. We viewers are permitted to follow your life, events and development as an artist. Pretty gutsy - Guts are good! You post a wide range of your work in a manner that would simply not occur to me to do.
Cheryl - @ladynole7
It still amazes me how you manage to observe and materialize the beauty in the everyday. Remarkable! :)
Cindy Rickey, Facebook
Robert, I read a good bit of your writing on the website, and I think I have to stop or else I will fall in love with you :) Such heartfelt wonderful writing! I can't pick one over the other to post at the writing group. I want to see which one you pick...feel free to let me know your thoughts. ( I asked Cindy if she had a slurpie machine, lol)
Dave Rossman, media Director for Surfers For Autism.
"Thanks so much for being our man on the scene!"
Kathy Wingard
"I especially like the banners. Your treatments are very rich. Colors are sumptuous. Not very many people do banners well. You have shown good taste here! They also do the Right Thing."
Kathy Wingard
"You're doing a great job on your website. The organization is really good and it flows well. It contains a "metric buttload" of goodies. You put yourself out there in a conversational and approachable way. Very daring."
Kevin Graff, Facebook
When you touch somebody with your poem you have reached the goal as a poet in my opinion. To write is to encourage the way I see it and you succeeded with me.
Kevin Graff, Facebook
Finally made it home. Man I really dig Reconnecting Memories From Yesteryear. It all flowed so well as I read. Brought me back to my youth in Buffalo NY. I love the imagery and the line The voices I hear from my youth. Put a smile on my face creating in me happy emotions and memories.

Sunrise over Tampa Bay from #StPete

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