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Commentary: Survey Failed to Ask a Key Question

28 October 2013 by Robert Neff

On 27 October, an exclusive poll was published by Bay News 9, Tampa Bay Times and WUSF Public Media that asked St. Petersburg voters what they would like to see happen next (With the St. Petersburg Pier). This survey failed to ask a key question, "Would you prefer to restore the reduced size pier at an estimated cost of $45 million?" The survey is misleading and warrants an immediate and retraction by Bay News 9, Tampa Bay Times and WUSF Public Media.

My recommendation is to conduct the survey with the additional question.

In addition, while the survey did ask, "Restore the existing pier at an estimated cost of $70 million?" The cost estimate is incorrect. According to City of St. Petersburg documents dated 3 Oct 2013, the correct cost is approximately $74 million.

The exclusive Bay News 9, Tampa Bay Times and WUSF Public Media poll was conducted by Braun Research Inc., a media research company.

Reference Articles:

Survey Results - Source. Bay News 9 article.

Now that St. Petersburg voters have rejected the Lens design for a new Pier, what would you like to see happen next?  Would you prefer to:

Have officials choose a new pier design after public input within the previous $50 million project budget  58%
Restore the existing pier at an estimated cost of $70 million 
Don't know/Not sure  
#MayorFoster put up a fence around #StPete Pier, email - remove that fence!

Fact: The bridge and the apron (Area around the Pier) are good until 2015.

bullet.Click here to Email Mayor Foster and request that he remove the fence!

SUMMARY - Total Project Cost

Reference: Clerk Of Courts provided spreadsheet dated Oct 3, 2013. The information is not readable when scanned so has been copied into spreadsheet format.  

Replace Existing Pier

Reduced Size Pier

Cost   $74,510,497 $45,487,314
Pier Bridge Construction Cost with Pier Head   300 x 422 200 x 200
Pier Bridge over water   1,020 x 100 1,020 x 50
Landside Pier Bridge Approach   360 x 100 360 x 50
Concrete Boat landing Docks - East and south   380 x 20 200 x 20

Combined Online Views

2.2 Million for 2014 | 1.5 million for 2015

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