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My CondoSeniors™ Test Marketing Cookies

by Robert Neff

Tonight, my ‪#‎CondoSeniors‬ did a test run of first official batch of cookies to be offered for sale. They knew I had people on social media who want the cookies. Though this was a small marketing test, to actually get them to cook for the public was a big step.

Many years ago, one had a deli and others had tons of experience making cookies for the holidays and bake sales. The kids who are baby boomers still call up for cookies. Even the grand kids and great grand kids who are GenX and Millennial do not hesitate to ask for cookies!

The pressure was one. My Condo Seniors know baking for friends is different than baking for family. Now they have to be worried about consistency. They were nose concerned about the discard rate. Then one added, we need to be doubly concerned how many I might pinch!

Before my Condo Seniors started to bake, each took a turn explaining to me what the one rule was — I am not allowed in the kitchen, plain and simple. They pointed to the floor and said to pretend there was an imaginary line. That is there for a reason. As they all crossed the line and left me standing to watch, the last one to cross turned and said to me, "Do not cross it!"

When the baking commenced, I pulled up a chair to the line and sat like a dog watching every move they made. If one fell to the ground, I was ready to pounce!

The objective of this one batch was to determine the discard rate. Turns out thirty were made and six didn't make it. Hence, the first test produced twenty-four cookies for sale.

Analysis of the six discarded revealed three accidentally dropped onto the floor. While one of my Condo Seniors played "Taps" on the ipad, I used the five second rule to recover the crumbs. Once they were properly mourned, I called dibs, put them on a large plate, made a cappuccino and properly disposed of them. They will certainly be missed.

That left three cookies in need of explanation. My Condo Seniors taste-tested one. The other two went missing during an unexpected and unexplained power outage. When the power returned, my Condo Seniors looked at me. They weren't born yesterday but did commend my originality.

The morning will be the first market test at a local coffee shop. If these are successful, they plan to bake pepper biscotti with two degree of pepper — "Mild" and "More". There are other family recipes to be shared so stay tuned to hear how the test market went and future plans!

Oh yea, I had been "Live tweeting" the event on Twitter and Facebook. They already have orders from California and another responded, "You have certainly succeeded in one thing...making me hungry. Thanks!"

If that is any indication, stay tuned as my Condo Seniors could be the next big thing since Mrs. Fields!

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See how my #CondoSeniors have been fattening me up for the Holidays in a 4 second video.

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Dough is ready My #CondoSeniors baking cookies - dough is ready!

Oven is ready for the first batch My #CondoSeniors lined up the cookie dough onto sheets. Oven ready ;)

First cookie batch out of the oven Oven is ready for the first batch

I like when my Condo Seniors go oops! My #CondoSeniors are not always perfect bakers... I like when they go oops!

The 24 cookies to test market! My #CondoSeniors are not impressed with #iphone6plus. Said, needs a wider angle lens!

Divas getting the iPads ready to talk to kids
during the #SuperBowl

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