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Birth Mother and Daughter Reunited at Tampa Bay Heart Walk

2011 by Robert Neff

Beverly and Lynn are a mother and daughter who found each other after being separated at birth. The birth mother and daughter were reuninted at Tampa Bay Heart Walk.

Beverly was 17 and in California high school when she became pregnant. She was young and scarred with no means to provide for her newborn daughter. She wanted a better life for her daughter than she was able to provide. She gave her up for adoption. Later, she tried to locate her, but the court records were sealed.

The daughter's was told at an early age that she was adopted but that did not change her love. She felt a bond and wanted to find her mother. When she was 18, she went looking, but the judge said the records were sealed. Many years later, Lynn approached Troy Dunn from "WE tv." His show, The Locator, helps find lost siblings. He directed her to a private detective who found her birth mother. They were first reunited in June.

Beverly's husband had died from a heart attack. The Tampa Bay Heart Walk was a chance for them to spend some time together and Beverly flew out to see her daughter. This is their first walk together. To remember each other they have an opal that they will forever wear. Lynn remarked over and over with tears and a smile, "Never give up hope!"

Troy Dunn is on Twitter.

About Tampa Bay Heart Walk:

On Saturday, November 5, 2011, the American Heart Association held a 3.1 mile walk fundraiser for Tampa Bay area. I attended, walked, tweeted and photographed the event. I even had a Black Staff Shirt courtesy of @HeartTampaBay with wonderful instructions to go do what you best and that is tweet and cover the back story!

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