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Driving The Divas® - Adventure #5, Atlanta

by Robert Neff

Late September 2013, Driving The Divas visited Atlanta for their fifth adventure.

Who are the Divas and their Drivers?

Driving The Divas are four friends whose ages range from 52-91 years old and enjoy condo living in St. Petersburg, Florida. The condo residents are a mixture of middle-age residents and retired seniors. I refer to them as my Condo Seniors.

The Divas are two sisters who are 90 and 91. They have ipads and drink beer. The are are two younger guys live in the same condo who have been "adopted" by the Divas and their family. The Divas playfully call them the "boys."

One driver is 70 and an Italian chef whose mother ensured all the boys knew how to be Italian cooks. He has cooked so much for the Divas and their family that he is referred to as the Divas' Personal Chef or "PC." The other driver is 52 and is the photographer and writer who documents the adventures using social media.

Itinerary and Story

Below is an interactive story that has a mixture of commentary, iphone images and social media tweets and posts as told by Robert Neff.


#DrivingTheDivas in #Atlanta: Water Fountain and @skyviewAtlanta from other side

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Click on the date below to enjoy the adventure and please share this wonderful story of friendship, age, food and fun!

Wednesday, 25th

Thursday, 26th

Friday, 27th

Saturday, 28th

Sunday, 29th

Monday, 30th

Dinner with my Condo Seniors and Divas

Food trucks at Brook Run Park

Dinner party

a. Visiting Kennesaw, Georgia

b. Back in Atlanta for afternoon and evening of conversation, football and screening the movie, Driving The Divas

a. Exploring downtown Atlanta

b. Costco and another Dinner Party

a. My morning attempt to contact MARTA

b. Leaving Atlanta and getting on the road to St. Petersburg

c. Diva #1 gets  a new iPhone

d. More of Atlanta and my visit

More of Atlanta and My Visit

View the entire collection, Atlanta in a Day - Travel and Tourism. This this is a combination of both iphoneology and professional images. One image was used by AFAR Travel Magazine. One note, my professional images from yhe Atlanta adventure have not been posted.

Check out my online album, #iphoneography. This is my images taken with the iPhone.


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