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Epic Thanks Visits St. Petersburg, Florida

15 Nov 2011 (Rev. 10 Dec 2013) by Robert Neff

Epic Change is seeking scholarship assistance for two kids - Leah and Gideon. 

These two kids in private school need your help to pursue their dream. Gideon wants to be an ASTRONAUT and is at Florida Air Academy in Melbourne, which offers the largest flight program of any secondary school in the US. Leah is at the International School of Moshi.

Any assistance / sharing of this message would be greatly appreciated.

For more information and please feel free to circulate this Google Doc.

Epic Change with Epic Thanks is an example of social media being used to raise over $200,000 to build a locally led primary school in Arusha, Tanzania. Shepherds Junior is a small pre- and primary school has grown to over 500 students and leads Tanzania in test scores. brought Mama Lucy and two students from Tanzania to share their story on Tuesday, 15 November. The circle was hosted by Pastor - Jeanette Sherrill at Trinity United Church of Christ - Saint Petersburg, FL. Cate Colgan, @CateTV, invited me to attend the meet and greet. I was blown away by all the stories! While there, I also met twitter friend Lee Sollivan, @purrfectlee, for the first time and her husband, Gil Gonzalez, @danaCreative. Cate shot video and shares her excitement on Youtube.

Lucy "Mama Lucy" Kampton used income from her poultry business to rent land for the school. Then she met Stacy and Sanjay who fell in love with the people and school. They started an online donation program, whose contributions allowed Mama Lucy to buy the land and build the school.

What started as a dream became reality and grew from six students to over 500. They now lead Tanzania in test scores.

The students use social media and are known as TwitterKids of Tanzania who tweet and write tumblr blogs!

Learn more about EPIC CHANGE

Web Site - Facebook - Register for Epic Thanks!

Great Article: Stacey Monk, CEO and Co-Founder of Epic Change and Tweetsgiving

People Behind EPIC CHANGE


Leah Albert wants to be pediatrician and first woman president
Leah Albert, Shepherds Junior School, at Epic Change
Gideon Gidori wants to be first astronaut from Africa - loves photography, space and elephants
Gideon Gidori, Shepherds Junior School, at Epic Change

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