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Florida Orange From Rita's Italian Ice

5 July 2011 by Robert Neff

On occasion I may tweet using a persona. Here I use Florida Orange, a delicious flavor at Rita's Italian Ice. In the tweets, I am #FloridaOrange and I have passion for people who enjoy Rita's Italian Ice and am seductive.

I have found several people on twitter who share a passion for Rita's. One friend is @ZmandaB and she lives closer to Rita's than I do. For me, it is a hike to go to Clearwater. There is one now in Seminole area but it is still a hike to get there.

We need one in South St Pete Beach, Florida. Please let them know via @RitasItalianIce.

Actually, I am more than interested in working with Rita's Italian Ice to conduct a social media campaign using #FloridaOrange.

If you are not familiar with Twitter, I apply the hashtag, "#", in front of the word. This identifies the word as a searchable term on Twitter.

Are you ready to enjoy #FloridaOrange like you have never experienced one?

  1. To @ZmandaB - I am the conscious of that @ritasitalianice orange ice that @5wa had yesterday....u want me, I want u! #italianIcePorn
  2. #FloridaOrange from @RitasItalianIce 4 @ZmandaB: @5wa was cheating on me at @Surfers4Autism! He had a cherry snow cone!
  3. Stopped in Clearwater at Rita's Italian Ice, and @Purdyz had a Root Beer Italian Ice!
  4. #FloridaOrange from @RitasItalianIce 4 @Zmandab: I need a ride to @surfersforautism this Sat. Does your car have good AC?"
  5. To @ZmandaB- I am the conscious of that @ritasitalianice orange ice that @5wa had yesterday....u want me, I am delicious!
  6. @ZmandaB- I am the conscious of that @ritasitalianice orange ice that @5wa had yesterday...I give excellent Brain Freezes - Better than sex
  7. @ZmandaB said: Considering this was a short work week, it really kicked my a$$! #TGIF / #FloridaOrange replied, "Nothing @ritasitalianice can't solve ;)"
  8. #FloridaOrange from @RitasItalianIce 4 @ZmandaB: Feeling neglected! @5wa found 1 @MagnumIceCream in freezer. I thought I had hid it!"
  9. #FloridaOrange 4 @zmandab & @myclearwater -- Please no more Tequila, I am seeing Flying Turtles!
  10. #FloridaOrange from @RitasItalianIce 4 @Sternenfee: I am feeling abandoned by @zmandab
  11. 5wa: #Florida Orange 4 @zmandab - @Purdyz visits me
  12. #FloridaOrange 4 @ZmandaB: In case you forgot me...I can be found hanging out at @RitasItalianIce"
  13. #FloridaOrange 4 @ZmandaB: I missed you this week. So lonely. I am cold...come hold me ;)"
  14. #FloridaOrange 4 @zmandaB: He could have used me there at 'Big Max' install. Instead he went to @cassisab 4water - UGH!
  15. #FloridaOrange 4 @ZmandaB: It will be hot today
  16. #FloridaOrange 4 @zmandab - Why do people do slurpies? It's like drinking Boone's Farm when you can have fine wine (ME)!!!
  17. #FloridaOrange 4 @zmandab - Why do people do slurpies? It's like doing hotdogs when you can have steak (ME)???
  18. 5wa: #FloridaOrange 4 @zmandab - why do people want slurpies? When you have me? Aren't I enough?
  19. @RitasItalianIce How about having your marketing people contact me. Time to have some fun with #FloridaOrange ;)"
  20. #FloridaOrange 4 @zmandab - Do you think @RitasItalianIce is listening to our conversations? Thought is giving me a brain freeze - ooo-la-la"
  21. #FloridaOrange 4 @ZmandaB: i don't need viagra
  22. #FloridaOrange for @zmandab - I watched 'Love and Other Drugs' last night. I realize that I need you more than ever. @RitasItalianIce"
  23. This is #FloridaOrange for @zmandab - I forgive you for ur Friday indiscretion with Strawberry from @RitasItalianIce. We are family."
  24. RT @zmandab: @RitasItalianIce on another day / #FloridaOrange!
  25. @zmandab @RitasItalianIce Strawberry? We are all good but #FloridaOrange is the best. Once u have me...
  26. @zmandab @RitasItalianIce Strawberry? #FloridaOrange says, "Why?"
  27. #FloridaOrange @RitasItalianIce here for @ZmandaB - #Wiener's pic has nothing on me!
  28. #FloridaOrange @RitasItalianIce here for @ZmandaB - listening to Rhianna's S&M...I may be bad but am perfectly good at it ;)"
  29. #FloridaOrange @RitasItalianIce here for @ZmandaB - Let me tickle your stomach with my sweetness."
  30. #FloridaOrange @RitasItalianIce here for @ZmandaB - I am using my Barry White voice on you!"
  31. @RitasItalianIce @ZmandaB I am the #Florida Orange Italian Ice & I'm too sexy for my straw ;)"
  32. @ZmandaB - I am the conscious of that @ritasitalianice orange ice that @5wa had yesterday....u want me
  33. @7eleven has stolen my @5WA for a day! They have teased him with #freeslurpyday on 7/11/11! He always comes back!
  34. @7eleven has stolen my @5WA for a day! They have #freeslurpyday on 7/11/11! He is trying to get 11. Aren't I enough?
  35. @ZmandaB - I am the conscious of that @ritasitalianice orange ice that @5wa had yesterday...I give excellent Brain Freezes - Better than sex!
  36. You want Italian sexxxy? One taste of me and you will be helpless!
  37. He is eye-ing chocolate chip cookies. I am so much easier on his lovely luv handles!
  38. Take me with you to #RaysTweetup! I will die myself #Ray's Blue!
  39. He is coming to eat nearby. Says he will see me. Promises. Promises.
  40. He is not bringing @Purdyz so I have him all to me I am starting to sweat ;)
  41. Sorry, he cant go to #Rays game. He is all mine ;)
  42. I would call you but your @iPhone doesn't always ring! Apple should fix that!
  43. I see you are at perogi grill.You don't need desert, you have me ;)
  44. My love is here to see me ;)
  45. @5wa: Oh no, they don't have any #FloridaOrange - she left me hanging! I had 2get Large lemonade!
  46. I am upset he did Pierogis b4 me. This should teach him a lesson!
  47. I will make up4 his Bi-day. We now have a birthday club
  48. I will greet him in my Birthday Suit ;)
  49. If he signs up 4 Birthday Club, I will greet him in my B-Day Suit ...he gets free stuff

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Rita's Italian Ice!
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Florida Orange from Rita's Italian Ice Speaks

When in #Clearwater @RitasItalianIce...go figure. If the Kuzi fits ;)

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