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Flying Turtles at Clearwater Beach Walk

30 June 2011 by Robert Neff

A must see in Clearwater Beach is the Turtle Sculpture. Located on the Clearwater Beach Walk, the stand raises the turtle high into the sky. The raised hand appears to be greeting people heading onto the beach and those using the beach walk. This serves as the gateway to the beach and is a great use of art to accent the landscape.

Information on the Turtle has not been readily available. I hear there is one above every beach shower. I am still researching this, so check back every once in a while to see what I have discovered!

From the road the turtle sculpture is difficult to see. You will have to park and walk or bike to it. There is a beach parking lot that you may use between the road and Turtle Sculpture. To give you an idea of where the Turtle Sculpture is located, it is just south of the circle and across from the boat slips. If you are on the beach it is just south of Pier 60.

The work is the product of PBS&J’s Landscape Architects and Nassal Metal Works.

Here I took liberty with the photo to remove its stand to make it look like the turtle is flying!

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Flying Turtle. Canvas. 20x20

Turtle Flying High Above
Clearwater Beach Walk

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