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My Condo Seniors® Birthday Present: Mani-Pedi

by Robert Neff, 13 Jan 2014

For my birthday my Condo Seniors took me to Wal-Mart for a mani-pedi. While I have had one manicure and pedicure in my life at an upscale spa as a present, this was my first at a Wal-mart for a man-pedi.

During previous visits to Wal-mart, I had seen people watching from the checkout lines. I had overheard them talking about the "Wal-Mart Spa" and making jokes about this. So I had reservations about having a mani-pedi in a chain store.

However, my condo seniors do know how to entice me. Since this was my birthday, they stopped at 7eleven on the way for a Slurpee and said, bring it along!

I covered the entire episode on Twitter and even brought along my external battery pack.

My condo seniors were having mani-pedis too. They quickly found chairs and grabbed the remote. While I struggled to figure out this contraption, they were purring like cats!

When I finally managed to turn on my massage chair, I just about dumped my Slurpee in my lap. That reaction jettisoned my battery pack from my lap. Luckily, caught it just before it fell into the water. My condo seniors couldn't stop laughing. They did manage to wave to the attendant and asked her to help me.

The staff did a great job on my feet. My condo seniors said my feet were almost as bad as the youngest member with us. Not sure if that was supposed to make me feel good or not?

I was the last one done and, must admit, I felt very relaxed. Instead of going home, my condo seniors took me shopping in the store. They had me pushing the cart so I could lean against it.

My condo seniors hinted that this would be a good present for them!

Mani-Pedi Massage Chairs Mani-Pedi with my #CondoSeniors: Chairs

Mani-Pedi Massage Chair Remote Mani-Pedi with my #CondoSeniors: Chair Remote

Feet soaking. Mani-Pedi with my #CondoSeniors: Foot soaking tub


Mani-Pedi: Getting my heels scrapingMani-Pedi with my #CondoSeniors: Scraping feet

Towel over my feet>Mani-Pedi with my #CondoSeniors: Towel over my feet

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