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My Condo Seniors® Chrisas Dinner

by Robert Neff

Chrisas Eve sunset in Florida
Temp is 65F
Why I #LoveFL
Just after sunset on Maximo Channel

Holiday Joy from my #CondoSeniors Holiday Joy from my #CondoSeniors #Flickr12Days

Wine glasses and holiday table wear
Wine Glasses and holiday table wear via my #CondoSeniors

Pomegranate Liquor and Benedictine and Brandy
on the tray. Two of my Condo Seniors favorite!
Pomegranate Liquor and Benedictine and Brandy on the tray. Two of my  #CondoSeniors favorite! #Flickr12Days

My kitchen has a mice problem...
My #CondoSeniors said my kitchen has a mice problem...

My condo seniors had been planning, shopping, baking, and cooking in preparation for Chrisas dinner for months. This has been an adventure to watch.

My Condo Seniors are tech savvy. When they saw a great food photo in a magazine, they used the Digimarc smart-phone app to grab the recipe. They also used their iPads to swipe for recipes!

The "old ways" are still used. They sifted through family recipes, cut recipes from magazines and held menu-planning meetings where there was some lively discussions.

My kitchen was where they baked because I have the biggest kitchen and best stove. When my refrigerator ran out of space, several other condo refrigerators were volunteered.

Also, I do not need to worry about operating my stove. My Condo Seniors ordered it for me and are the only ones who use it. They also designed my kitchen. Basically, I just do the dishes and empty trash. Think I am kidding? There is a "Do Not Cross" line on the tile floor with my name on it.

My Condo Seniors were hard at work and inventive when things did not go as planned. Best example was the poached pears. When one of my Condo Seniors reached for the cherry juice in the refrigerator, the Chinese carryout's sweet-n-sour sauce was picked up and poured into the pan! The reaction was quick and they quickly added the cherry juice. I must say, the end result tasted good to me!

The crown roast of pork was ordered from Mazzaro's Italian Market. They had me go there to order it and then pick it up. Of course, they asked me to get bread and olives. Since I like Mazzaro's Panini bread, I grabbed a dozen of the smaller size. Unfortunately upon my return, I was told Panini is not rolls.

Another fun story involved the Chrisas tree on the far right. My Condo Seniors and I do not have large trees because storage is an issue. Well, my tree was moved about five times by them to make room for more decorations they had found and baked goods that seemed to be multiplying.

When I was told it was time to exchange gifts, they asked me to go to the tree and distribute the gifts. Only the tree was not where I had last seen it!

I enjoyed watching them open my gifts. This brought a smile and surprise to everyone. But that was because my Condo Seniors "Shop and wrap" for me. To put this politely, they do not think I have the best taste. I just give them my credit card and they go shop for me. So they do not tell me what they want.

Rumor is for the next Chrisas dinner, my Condo Seniors want to invite all their social media followers!

Menu: Chrisas Dinner


  • Prosecco with fresh Berries
  • Grape popperz
  • Caviar pie on grain crackers
  • Baked Brie with bruschetta


  • Mulled pear and pecan salad with crumbled Gorgonzola cheese and avocado

Main Course

  • Apricot and apple stuffed roast crown of pork with dried cherries
  • Southern carrot soufflé
  • Potatoes au Gratin
  • Fresh steamed broccoli
  • Italian bread with cranberry walnut butter
  • Pinot Nor - 2012 Winemakers Collection, Italy


  • Croque-en-bouche with honey - Cream Puffs were a la Walmart
  • Homemade fudge, cookies and pecan sandies
  • Russian nut balls
  • Peanut butter chocolate balls
  • Orange walnut biscotti
  • All the desserts were guarded by chocolate cherry Chrisas mice
  • Coffee: Mazzaro's Italian Market Luigi's coffee
  • Orange spiced tea

After Dinner

  • Pomegranate liquor

My #CondoSeniors knocked the crown roast of pork out of the park!My #CondoSeniors knocked the crown roast out of the park!

My #CondoSeniors have taken the internet to school on how to cook and serve a crown roast
My #CondoSeniors have taken the internet to school on how to cook and serve a Crown Roast! #Food

Salad - poached pears, gorgonzola, avocados, walnuts, dressingMy #CondoSeniors are ready to serve the salad - poached pears, gorgonzola, walnuts, dressing

The candle holder doubled as
iPad stand for recipes!
My #CondoSeniors are resourceful. The candle holder now doubles as iPad review holder!

Cranberry walnut butter for XMAS dinner.
They're getting into this and added the candle-tree!
My #CondoSeniors made  Cranberry walnut butter for XMAS dinner. They're getting into this, added candle-tree!

Trusting me to ferry the appetizers, grape popperz, to another condo's frig? What? Have they
gone off their meds?
My #CondoSeniors trusting me to ferry appetizers to another condo's frig? Gone off their meds?

I didn't know my stove had a second oven,
but my  Condo Seniors knew!I didn't know my stove had a second oven, but my #CondoSeniors knew!

Almost forgot, my  Condo Seniors made
a most excellent carrot souffléAlmost forgot, my #CondoSeniors made a most excellent carrot soufflé!


Enjoy more images of my Condo Seniors on both Chrisas Eve and Chrisas Day Dinner

Yes, there is more of my Condo Seniors to enjoy!

XMAS shopping!

  • This adventure finds them in the mall Chrisas Shopping! This was a trip the mall staff wil remember!
  • The back story - who are my Condo Seniors?

Follow along

  • Follow the adventures on social media, see the timeline above.
  • Enjoy the online photo album on Flickr, which is frequently updated this with iPhone pictures.
  • Here is how my #CondoSeniors have been fattening me up for the Holidays! 4 second video

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Divas at a Pastry Shop, Solvang, California
Driving The Divas in Pastry Shop, Solvang, California  #Flickr12Days

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